I am committed to a fair and transparent justice system that builds and maintains public trust.  With every contact with the public, the accused, law enforcement, and victims and their families, prosecutors and staff have an opportunity to build confidence in our justice system.

I am committed to promoting the fair and impartial pursuit of justice with:

  • The consistent application of criminal law – this includes continuing to update and share our case filing criteria (FADS) to demonstrate neutrality and fairness in our decision-making.
  • Fairness in plea bargaining – this includes maintaining our conservative filing practices, offering fair and appropriate case dispositions, and promptly sharing evidence and discovery with defense and the accused.
  • Protecting against bias – this includes requiring regular training for deputies and staff on implicit bias and using checklists and other equity screening tools to ensure neutrality and fairness in our decision-making.
  • Avoiding wrongful convictions and unjust punishment – this includes regular conviction reviews to guard against prosecutorial error or misconduct, routinely reviewing non-homicide cases with exceptionally long sentences to ensure that the sentence is still proportionate to the crime.
  • Acknowledging and confronting racial disparities – this includes continuing to understand and dismantle racism, using data to reveal racial disparities, and eliminating bias from our charging decisions.

I am committed to maintaining office and professional integrity by:

  • Ensuring competent and professional behavior – this includes investing in the professional development of prosecutors and staff with adequate training, coaching, and constructive feedback.
  • Building a diverse workforce – this includes being intentional in how we recruit, onboard, train, and promote attorneys and staff to ensure diversity of thought, experience, and lived experience in all levels of the workforce – prosecutors, staff, and leadership.
  • Efficient and fiscally responsible management and administration – this includes using scarce resources effectively and responsibly.

I am committed to expanding community engagement by:

  • Increasing the office’s community presence – this includes encouraging attorneys and staff to attend community meetings and understand community based diversion and services.
  • Increasing understanding of community characteristics – this includes recognizing that our diverse communities may not share the same cultural norms and being receptive to different perspectives and experiences.
  • Soliciting community input – this includes inviting and accepting community feedback and data sharing in the interest of transparency.
  • Increasing community confidence in the office – this includes demonstrating a willingness to change practices, acknowledging and reducing racial disparities, sharing open and transparent communication.