Leesa Manion Endorsement l Jim Pugel (Former Seattle Police Chief)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Sue Rahr (Former King County Sheriff)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Mike McKay (Former U.S. Attorney, Western District of WA)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Jimmy Matta (Burien Councilmember & Former Mayor)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Gary Locke (Former Governor)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Hannah Park (Youth & Reform Leaders)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Girmay Zahilay (King County Councilmember)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Dan Satterberg (King County Prosecutor)

Leesa Manion Endorsement l Brad Blackburn (Alliance for Gun Responsibility)

Democratic Legislative Districts
  • 1st District Democrats
  • 5th District Democrats
  • 11th District Democrats
  • 30th District Democrats
  • 31st District Democrats
  • 32nd District Democrats
  • 33rd District Democrats
  • 34th District Democrats
  • 36th District Democrats
  • 37th District Democrats
  • 41st District Democrats
  • 43rd District Democrats
  • 45th District Democrats
  • 46th District Democrats
  • 47th District Democrats
  • 48th District Democrats
  • King County Democrats
  • King County Young Democrats
Labor Unions
  • ATU 587
  • IAM District 751
  • MLK Labor
  • Northwest Carpenters Union
  • PROTEC17
  • SEIU 775
  • SEIU 925
  • SMW 66
  • Teamsters Joint Council 28 & Teamsters Locals
  • Teamsters Local Union 117
  • Transit Riders Union
  • UAW 4121
  • UFCW 3000
  • Alliance for Gun Responsibility
  • Cultures Connecting
  • Democrats for Diversity and Inclusion
  • National Women’s Political Caucus
  • Northwest Asian Weekly
  • Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates
  • Real Justice WA PAC
  • Stand For Children
  • The Seattle Medium
  • The Stranger
  • The Urbanist
  • Washington API Caucus
  • Washington Bus
  • Washington CAN
  • Washington Education Association
  • WA Equality PAC
  • Washington Working Families Party
Law Enforcement
  • Les Liggins
    Former Seattle PD Captain
  • Tag Gleason
    Former Seattle PD Captain
  • Jim Pugel
    Former Seattle Police Chief
  • Anne Kirkpatrick
    Former Federal Way Police Chief
  • Dan Pacholke
    Former Secretary of the WA State Dept. of Corrections
  • Kim Bogucki
    Founder IF Project / Seattle PD
Elected Officials
  • Governor Gary Locke (fmr.)
    Governor / U.S. Secretary of Commerce
  • Mayor Bruce Harrell
  • Mayor Lynne Robinson
  • Mayor Jimmy Matta (fmr.)
    Mayor / Councilmember Burien 
  • Mayor Mason Thompson
  • Mayor Nigel Herbig
  • Mayor Keith Scully
  • Mayor Jacob Simpson
  • Executive Dow Constantine
    King County
  • Dan Satterberg
    King County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Councilmember Claudia Balducci
    King County
  • Councilmember Sarah Perry
    King County
  • Councilmember Girmay Zahilay
    King County
  • Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles
    King County
  • Assessor John Wilson
    King County
  • Commissioner Ryan Calkins
    Port of Seattle Pos. 1
  • Commissioner Sam Cho
    Port of Seattle Pos. 2
  • Senator Bob Hasegawa
    11th Legislative District
  • Senator Claire Wilson
    30th Legislative District
  • Senator Karen Keiser
    33rd Legislative District
  • Senator Joe Nguyen
    34th Legislative District
  • Senator Rebecca Saldana
    37th Legislative District 
  • Senator Jamie Pedersen
    43rd Legislative District
  • Senator John Lovick
    44th Legislative District
  • Senator Manka Dhingra
    45th Legislative District
  • Senator David Frockt
    46th Legislative District
  • Senator Mona Das
    47th Legislative District
  • Senator Patty Kuderer
    48th Legislative District
  • Representative Davina Duerr
    1st Legislative District
  • Representative Lisa Callan
    5th Legislative District
  • Representative Bill Ramos
    5th Legislative District
  • Representative Marilyn Strickland
    10th Congressional District
  • Representative David Hackney
    11th Legislative District
  • Representative Jesse Johnson
    30th Legislative District
  • Representative Jamila Taylor
    30th Legislative District
  • Representative Cindy Ryu
    32nd Legislative District
  • Representative Lauren Davis
    32nd Legislative District
  • Representative Mia Gregerson
    33rd Legislative District
  • Representative Joe Fitzgibbon
    34th Legislative District
  • Representative My-Linh Thai
    41st Legislative District
  • Representative Tana Senn
    41st Legislative District
  • Representative Frank Chopp
    43rd Legislative District
  • Representative Nicole Macri
    43rd Legislative District
  • Representative Roger Goodman
    45th Legislative District  – Chair, House Public Safety Committee
  • Representative Pat Sullivan
    47th Legislative District  – House Democratic Caucus Majority Leader
  • Representative Debra Entenman
    47th Legislative District
  • Representative Vandana Slatter
    48th Legislative District
  • Councilmember Jeremy Barksdale
    Bellevue Council, Pos. 3
  • Councilmember John Stokes
    Bellevue Council
  • Councilmember Janice Zahn
    Bellevue Council
  • Councilmember Christopher Reh
    Issaquah City Council
  • Councilmember Angela Kugler
    Kenmore City Council, Pos. 3
  • Councilmember Corina Pfeil
    Kenmore City Council, Pos. 7
  • Councilmember Neal Black
    Kirkland City Council, Pos. 5
  • Councilmember Cynthia Adkins
    Medina City Council
  • Councilmember Paul Charbonneau
    Newcastle City Council, Pos. 6
  • Councilmember Jessica Forsythe
    Redmond City Council, Pos. 3
  • Councilmember Kim-Khánh Văn
    Renton City Council
  • Councilmember Ryan McIrvin
    Renton City Council, Pos. 4
  • Councilmember Ed Prince
    Renton City Council, Pos. 5
  • Councilmember Pam Stuart
    Sammamish City Council, Pos. 6
  • Commissioner Kristin Ang
    Port of Tacoma, Pos. 5
  • Councilmember De’Sean Quinn
    Tukwila City Council, Pos. 7
  • Vivian Song Maritz
    Seattle School Board Director, District 4
  • Luckisha Phillips
    Federal Way School Board
  • Al O’Brien (fmr.)
    State Rep. and Chair, Criminal Justice Correction Committee
  • Mike McKay (fmr.)
    US Attorney, Western District of Washington
  • John McKay (fmr.)
    US Attorney, Western District of Washington
  • Chris Bayley (fmr.)
    King County Prosecuting Attorney
  • Larry Gossett (fmr.)
    Councilmember King County 
  • Mark Sidran (fmr.)
    Seattle City Attorney
  • Sally Bagshaw (fmr.)
    Seattle City Council
  • Martha Choe (fmr.)
    Seattle City Council
  • Sally Clark (fmr.)
    Seattle City Council
  • David Della (fmr.)
    Seattle City Council
  • John Okamoto (fmr.)
    Seattle City Council
  • Cheryl Lee (fmr.)
    Shoreline City Councilmember, Attorney at Law
  • Ed Sterner (fmr.)
    Lake Forest Park City Council
  • Justice Bobbe Bridge (Ret.)
    Washington State Supreme Court 
  • Justice Faith Ireland (Ret.)
    Washington State Supreme Court
  • Judge Michael Spearman (Ret.)
    Washington State Court of Appeals 
  • Judge Greg Canova (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court 
  • Judge Jim Cayce (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court
  • Judge Barbara Linde (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court 
  • Judge Marianne Spearman (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court 
  • Judge Julie Spector (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court 
  • Judge Jim Street (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court Judge (and Former Seattle City Councilmember)
  • Judge Susan Craighead (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court 
  • Judge Theresa Doyle (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court
  • Judge Bruce Heller (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court
  • Judge Timothy Bradshaw (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court
  • Judge Richard Eadie (Ret.)
    King County Superior Court
  • Judge Anne Levinson (Ret.)
    Seattle Municipal Court 
  • Judge Ed McKenna (Ret.)
    Seattle Municipal Court 
  • Judge Michael J. Fox (Ret.)
    Tulalip Tribal Court & King County Superior Court
Community Leaders
  • Kevin and Debra Baker
    The Baker Consulting
  • Steve Boyd
    Principal, MacDonald Boyd & Associates
  • Jon Bridge
    Chairman Counsel Emeritus, Ben Bridge Jeweler
  • David George Brooke
    That Gratitude Guy
  • Terrell Dorsey
    President/Founder, Unleash The Brilliance
  • Donnie Y. Griffin
    Founding Principal, Lift Every Voice Legacy
  • George Griffin
    President/CEO, G3 & Associates, LLC
  • Steve Woolworth
    CEO, Evergreen Treatment Services
  • Jeanett Charles
    COO and Co-Founder of D.A.D.S.
  • Erin Goodman
    CEO, SODO Business Improvement Area
  • Vicki Shmitz Block
    Small Business Owner and West Seattle Resident
  • Mike Stewart
    Ballard Business and Community Leader
  • Nate Miles
    Ballard Business and Community Leader
  • Steve Bury
    Executive Director, Urban Impact
  • Saroeum Phoung
    Founder & CEO – PointOneNorth Consulting
  • Saul Gamoran
    President, Gamoran Legal Consulting
  • Jim Tharpe
    President, Unity House Consultants
  • Thomas Goldstein
    Former Director, Washington Bus
  • Pamela Banks
    former CEO, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
  • Terry Denend
    Small Business Owner
  • Anisa Manion
  • Ilsa Govan
    Cultures Connecting
  • Dr. Caprice Hollins
    Cultures Connecting
  • Paul Holland
    Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University
  • Joan Watt
    Former Associate Dean, Seattle University School of Law
  • Lisa Brodoff
    Associate Professor, Seattle University School of Law
  • David Boerner
    Professor Emeritus, Seattle University School of Law
  • John Strait
    Professor Emeritus and Distinguished Practitioner in Residence, Seattle University School of Law
  • Dr. Jacqueline B. Helfgott
    Professor/Director-Crime & Justice Research Center, Seattle University Dept. of Criminal Justice, Criminology & Forensics
  • Jill Wakefeld
    Chancellor Emeritus, Seattle Colleges
  • Dr. Eric Trupin
    UW Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
  • Susan Cary
    Board member Grandmothers Against Gun Violence
  • Rory Graves
    Alliance for Gun Responsibility Board Member
  • Lisa Daugaard
    Public Defender Association
  • Karol Brown
    Managing Attorney and Founder at World One Law
  • George Holzapfel
    Attorney at Law
  • Hugh Spitzer
    Attorney at Law
  • Michael Crutcher
    Attorney at Law
  • Jenna Ichikawa
    Attorney at Law
  • Sam E. Baker, Jr.
    Attorney at Law
  • Tim Leary
    Attorney at Law
  • Vonda Sargent
    Attorney at Law
  • Carrie Blackwood
    Attorney at Law
  • Tomas Gahan
    Attorney at Law
  • Heather Jensen
    Attorney at Law
  • Samuel Lee
    Attorney at Law
  • Steve Loeb
    Attorney at Law
  • Jason Burnett
    Attorney at Law
  • Casey Trupin
    Attorney at Law
  • Andrew Greene
    Attorney at Law
  • William Covington
    Attorney at Law
  • Jeffrey I. Tilden
    Attorney at Law
  • Laura Umetsu
    Attorney at Law
  • Karen Murray
    Attorney at Law and Retired Public Defender
  • John Cary
    Attorney at Law (Ret.) / Former Chair – King County Bar Association
  • Franklin Schoichet
    Retired Attorney at Law
  • Gerald Smith
    Former King County Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
  • Brian Earl
    Sea 34-2501
  • Starcia Ague
    Juvenile Justice Advocate
  • Al Herron
    Community and Business Leader
  • Channing Nesbitt
    Community Leader and Former KCPAO Intern
  • Andrea Vingo
    Alum, Seattle University School of Law
  • Alison Eisinger
    Executive Director – Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness
  • Gina Hall
    Community Leader
  • Judy Maleng
    Community Leader
  • Amani Harris
    Community Leader
  • Bob Harvey
    Community Leader
  • Augustine Cita
    Community Leader
  • Stevan Dozier
    Community Leader
  • Juan Cotto
    Community Leader
  • Rev. Dr. Harriett Walden
    Community Leader & Activist
  • Thea Oliphant-Wells
    Social Worker
  • Logan Rysemus
    Social Justice Advocate
  • Mark Maleng
    Community Leader
  • Diana Palmer
    West Seattle Resident
  • Alec Rodenhauser
    West Seattle Resident
  • Mark Halverson
    West Seattle Resident
  • Amy Morse
    West Seattle Resident
  • Lisa Mueller
    West Seattle Resident
  • Debra Boyer, Ph.D.
  • Fabienne Brooks
  • Steven Crandall
  • Patrick Crumb
  • Virginia Gleason
  • Betsey Graef
  • Jenifer Hopper
  • Ken Nakasatu
  • Linda Parrish
  • Rachel Sottile
  • Gail Stone
  • David Westberg