Experience and Urgency for Safer, More Supported Communities

Making our communities safer, reducing property crime, and protecting victims requires proven experience and hands-on leadership. COVID, staffing shortages, and our housing and opioid crises have threatened the vitality of our neighborhoods and business districts.

Our challenges are complex, but we can and must do better.

As a career prosecutor and the only candidate who has built and implemented countywide crime prevention strategies with law enforcement partners and mental health professionals, I will:

Require accountability, including prosecution and jail time for violent and repeat offenders, as well as monitored treatment to address the root causes of criminal behavior.

Build a stronger relationship with law enforcement, our city prosecutors, and local elected officials to improve coordination and collaboration, and get better outcomes for our neighbors and small businesses.

Invest in effective and data-driven prevention and diversion strategies to reduce recidivism, keep vulnerable youth in school and on pathways to success, and address underlying mental health and addiction issues.

Maintain the highest nonpartisan legal, ethical and equity-driven standards in the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office required to best serve our diverse and growing County.

As Prosecutor, I will lead from my perspective as the first woman and first person of color to hold the Office to craft innovative solutions to fight and reduce crime through broad coalitions, and create positive change.

What People Are Saying About Leesa

My Story

I was born in an army hospital near Seoul, South Korea, to a Korean mother and Caucasian father. My grandmother never approved of my parents’ relationship because my mother was not white and English was her second language and one day threw my mother out of the house with only the clothes on her back. That day was the last time my brother and I saw our mother for 25 years.

This experience shaped me. It underscored for me the importance of advocacy for those who are marginalized. I know first-hand how easy it is to silence those who have been victimized when no one speaks up for them or their rights. This experience also taught me about forgiveness – that my grandmother, who loved and instilled in me independence and a strong work ethic, is more than the sum of her worst mistakes.