I am committed to protecting public safety and increasing community health.  In order to achieve this goal, I am committed to:

  • Working to reduce crime and recidivism – this includes strengthening crime prevention strategies and offering effective diversion programs and alternatives to incarceration.
  • Identifying and addressing chronic perpetrators – this includes interrupting repeated cycles of crime and offering services to address behavioral and mental health issues.
  • Working to reduce the fear of crime –this includes sharing data to dispel fear-mongering and myths and to focus scarce resources on hot spots and chronic perpetrators.
  • Serving victims and families with care and respect – this includes enhancing victim services to
    • Reduce language barriers
    • Promote better understanding of victims and communities
    • Promote inclusivity and acceptance of cultural differences
    • Offering culturally sensitive and effective services
    • Offering early interventions closer to the time of harm
    • Partnering with community based resources to increase capacity and cultural responsiveness

I am committed to improving communication and coordination with law enforcement by:

  • Proactively sharing crime data and building new partnerships to improve information sharing;
  • Building new partnerships to combat gun violence and more effectively interrupt low level offenses in order to reduce crime and incarceration;
  • Providing additional officer training regarding case filing standards and criminal law updates;

I am committed to building new partnerships and innovations to:

  • Connect individuals at risk of becoming perpetrators or victims of violence to social resources to shift behavior and to address trauma and other underlying health issues.
  • Reduce substance abuse by working to increase access to treatment, both in the community and in our prisons and jail;
  • Combat organized retail theft and improve communication with our business community.